TPX Distribution Show

We will be hosting our first distribution show in San Francisco, CA this year! We have invited hundreds of suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers from around the globe to join us in this event! We are excited to announce that all 250 vendor booths are filled for the 3 days that we will be hosting the TPX show. If you would like to come to the exhibit, please email before 5/15/2016 to reserve your spot!

tpx trade show

We will be offering complimentary food, over 200 vendors, small business seminars, and access to many exclusive products.

Itinerary (May 27 – 29)

8:00 AM: Opening

8:30 AM: Breakfast is served @ Food Hall

9:00 AM: Small Business Networking @ Auditorium 1

11:00 AM: Guest Speakers Group A (John Morgan, Felix Jones, Barry Harrington) @ Auditorium

12:00 PM: Lunch is served @ Food Hall

12:30 PM: E Commerce Seminar @Auditorium 2

3:00 PM: Raffle Drawing

3:30 PM: Guest Speakers Group B (Mary McKenna, Robert Young, Milton Stewart)

4:00 PM: Small Business Networking @ Auditorium 2

4:00 PM: Cash Flow Seminar @ Auditorium 1

4:30 PM: Mary McKenna AMA

5:30 PM: Social Media Seminar @ Auditorium 1

7:00 PM: Closing


Guest Speakers – Here’s a list of confirmed guest speakers that will be attending and participating in networking events and will be giving speeches about their respective businesses, experiences, obstacles, and more.

John Morgan – Business professor at BMU. Former marketing director of Milky Stix, Inc., a multi-billion dollar conglomerate.

Felix Jones – Current CEO of JLZ Enterprises. Raised over 300 million dollars for JLZ in 2009.

Barry Harrington – Current CEO of Haxin Inc., located in Australia. Distributes over $1billion in goods annually.

Mary McKenna – Famous writer. Recognized for Business In Small Steps, published in 2008. Former owner of Tekky Styles, fashion line.

Robert Young – Former CEO of Alton Qwik, manufacturer and distributor of automobile parts and accessories.

Milton Stewart – Local manufacturer and distributor of restaurant supplies. Company is now worth $13million.

Andrew Baker – Importer and distributor of general merchandise. Baker Enterprises is worth more than $35million.

Avery Brooks – Owns large retail chain, imports and manufactures goods overseas. Company is worth over $250million.

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