Fascine Autosports – Networking & Opportunity

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Today’s featured company is Fascine Autosports. Fascine has two factories in the United States and one in Hallstatt, Austria. Fascine started back in 2007 and began as an auto shop in Elmhurst, Queens and serviced cars. The owner, Jon Gerrick, had worked at BMW service center for a little over a decade. At the time when Jon was still working at BMW, a lot of his friends would refer people to him and have him fix cars in his garage for a discounted fee. He worked on many German cars including BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Audi’s. Eventually some of the referrals he was getting brought in exotic cars, among those were Ferrari’s and top tier Audi’s including models like the R8 and RS models. Within two years, Jon rented a small shop in Flushing, NY and left BMW. He started servicing cars of all makes and quickly made a name for himself for his

Jon told us that he loved his job, and that he really enjoyed working on cars. Fascine Autosports wouldn’t have become what it is today if Thomas Rosario weren’t one of his top clients. Thomas Rosario owned 8 bakeries across New York City at the time and had 4 exotic cars. Thomas admits that he enjoys stepping on the throttle and hearing his engine roar as it goes from 0-60 in under 4 seconds. So it was no surprise that one day, one of Thomas’ cars started misfiring. The towing company brought his car to Jon and that was when they met for the first time. After waiting for the parts to arrive, Jon was able to put the SLR back on the road within a week.

Thomas described Jon as very knowledgeable and easy to get along with. They became great friends and soon after, Thomas decided he wanted to invest in Fascine Autosports and Jon. He was confident in Jon. In 2010, Fascine developed their first aftermarket exhaust and intake for the Porsche 911 Turbo and decided to try and sell it on forums.

“The numbers didn’t make sense to us. We made a great exhaust system, but it just couldn’t sell”, explained Thomas, “We stopped selling the exhaust and we just kept what we had in the shop, and it collected dust for a while”. That was until someone drove in with a Porsche 911 one day. The customer explained that he ran over a speed bump on the road and dented his exhaust mid-pipe and asked if he could get it banged out or somehow repaired. Jon told him that they had an aftermarket exhaust that they could give him at a huge discount and get it installed for him by the next day. The customer was so happy with the exhaust that he brought his second car back and asked if they had something the same exhaust system for that car. That was when Fascine started manufacturing exhaust systems for cars like the BMW 335i and Mercedes Benz E300, which were much more common cars.


By 2013, Fascine had over 90 parts for over 20 car models and they were making $3 million in sales annually. By 2015, Fascine has grown in sales to $16 million annually and distributes all around the world. When we asked Jon and Thomas what the most important part of their success was, they both said ‘networking’ and ‘seizing opportunities’.