A Guide to Finding Wholesale Suppliers

There are a number of ways that retailers and small business owners like you can find suppliers. Think back the last time you made contact with your last supplier, how did you find them? Are they reliable? Are you two in business today? Here’s a short guide to how you can find some reliable suppliers.

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  1. WholesaleCentral – WholesaleCentral is a huge directory of businesses, many of which may even be located near you. Suppliers have to pay to get listed in the database, which filters out a lot of the fake suppliers. You can also browse by category if you’re looking for something specific. Does this mean that every supplier that you come across will be reliable? Not necessarily. You will still have to speak to the suppliers and use your instincts. Some of the suppliers will be distributors and some are manufacturers. Some will have large and unreasonable minimum order quantities, some will not. It will take some time to find a supplier among the thousands.
  2. Publications – Although publications aren’t as popular anymore, there are a few available. The entire publication is filled with ads from various suppliers. Each ad will probably give you a general idea of what the supplier sells and their contact information and/or their website. Even though almost everything has gone digital today, you can still find reliable sources if you subscribe to print publications.
  3. Google – In a time where Google is the center of most of our universes, it is no surprise that Google is still a viable source to find wholesalers. Even though Google is such a powerful search engine, you will still have to do a lot of digging to find reliable sources. Most wholesalers do not have websites that are optimized for search engines, or some do not even have websites at all!

When you’re looking for suppliers, always be patient. Do not jump right into signing up for an account with a supplier until you have as much information as you can. Some sites will offer you a shopping cart and checkout process, allowing you to get your wholesale goods so seamlessly.